Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"She Needs To Sort Out Her Priorities."

~I love this. Recently I've been looking at lots of pieces that involve repurposing old texts by using them as backing for drawings and even one style of art that requires cutting out thousands of tiny individual letters and gluing them to form messages that create a picture.~

I'm going to be fully and bluntly honest {I'm good at that...sometimes I guess it offends people...But I never try to be offensive, because I am also a bit of a pacifist. A lot of a pacifist I suppose.} I am going to admit that both yesterday and today have been the kind of days where I sit in my room in only my underwear and do artsy things.
All. Day. Long.
Medical Leave allows for that. Yes, I am on medical leave at work. There are up sides and down sides, but I try to think only about the upward swing.
In the past week I have managed to watch Beauty and the Beast a lovely total of four times {this considered, I still am contemplating watching it a fifth time...probably today.} It is my very favorite Disney movie and is great comfort food for my brain. :)
I also drew a picture of Belle and Prince Adam {a.k.a. the Beast} kissing at the end right after he's turned human again. I love that. I just want to be Belle. She's great.

I have decided that, due to the fact that I have all of this extra time, generally spent alone and at my apartment {I am also not allowed to drive while on medical leave, due to the cause. [seizures] Making doing things away from home difficult} I should do things I enjoy that can also be productive and use materials I currently possess. Mostly because though it's a mandatory 3 month medical leave, it is unpaid.
And I need rent money to cover that time period.
Oyyy vey.
It's all swell though, because I had savings and tax returns. Thank the heavens! :D
Anyhow, I made a nice shirt for myself yesterday. I like it.
I'd put up a picture, but I have no camera. Sad, but true.

I have also decided to bust out my paints and canvases and make lovely art for the walls of my home. I wish I could paint directly on the walls themselves, but sadly, that is strictly forbidden.
If I ever get a camera then I will put photos of my work up to give my blog a bit more personality. I'm still figuring out some of the mechanics, even though I should have it down by now. I am not very good technologically. I can jump start a car and drive stick shift though! :D

I want my apartment to be more beautiful than it currently is. I didn't really get much creative input when it came to decorating the place, truth be told. And my room mates, while lovely, have a rather different taste in decor than I do. Maybe they wouldn't mind if I got a bit of a say in things. I've been living here the longest out of the three of us anyways....huh. Now I'm just thinking through the keyboard.

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