Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Don't Touch Me.

You know her.

The girl who is all roses and smiles.
She won't always show teeth when she grins and finds that unnatural is the sound of anger.
Despite this, the closest you'll actually get to her is transparency.

If you're looking at every inch of a thing, microscopes and autopsies will show that to grab on distorts the image. Cutting off blood flow. Marring detail. Changing. So are you really holding her? Or is she only the unattainable image? The closest you can get to cradling that is to take a picture. Which time will eat away at with hungry lights and burning tongues and settling grime. Who is she? The face in the frozen moment? Or the moment you see through a faded 2D 4X6 window cracked and wrinkled by the wallet it folded into? If the face, then she's gone. Age made her a new one. If the moment, she became someone else in the next.
Everyone has a separate reality. What appears to one is entirely different from what appears to another. The eyes that view a thing find separate parallels. Two lines on the same plane arriving at completely different destinations.

I don't want you to have any part of my soul because you don't know what it means.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

On Perfection and the World's Abuse of It

     Soapboxes are overrated. And besides, I don't know if a soapbox could actually support the weight of this issue. I have become rather hyper aware of the media's portrayal of beauty. Thin waist, big boobs, long legs, silky soft yet thick hair, massive eyes, luscious lips, the recent obsession over the "thigh gap," airbrushed skin, and a general absence of any flaw anywhere. Not even one that might add character.

     These physical attributes are not a bad thing. There are people out there who possess them. They are beautiful. But so is everyone else. I don't care if you have one, all, or none. There is, undeniably, beauty about you. The problem is, the women we commonly see being used to portray this level of so-called perfection don't even necessarily have all of the traits displayed. Photoshop, my friends, is a cleverly implemented lie. Yes, it can be artistic, yes it can be a great way to make minor adjustments. But if it's being used to distort someone's appearance beyond practicality? Abuse.

     I am not trying to attack anyone. I merely am aware that the present direction things are taking is unhealthy. It is. People have died over it. It's upsetting to me that young girls who are trying to enjoy life and take their place in the world are finding themselves inadequate because they don't have the bones of a 5'10" 100 lb. supermodel or the curves of a modern day pin up. I will not say names, because it is not fair for us to address the issue of saying a woman's form of beauty isn't adequate by stating that another woman's figure is overly so. Just as I cannot take sides on the heavier or thinner issue. There is no wrong size. We are all human. It's unavoidable.

     Yes, there are unhealthy habits. Many of us practice at least one. Even being hyper aware of your physical health can be unhealthy in its way. Just because you have curves doesn't mean you should put down anyone for being thin. And just because you are thin doesn't mean you have the right to judge someone for weighing more. The figures you see in front of you each have a life behind them that has helped make them who they are. Do not disrespect someone's appearance. We are all strong. We are all lovely. We are all human and WE MATTER. It's much easier to be negative towards someone who's soul you haven't taken the time to understand. Give them compassion, because that is what you deserve.

     We are all beautiful. And there will always be people who find us beautiful no matter what. I have passed people in the streets who were by no means perfect, but despite their flaws, I found them stunning. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and your eyes are someone's own form of perfection. There is no uniform standard. The kinder you are, the harder you work, the deeper you understand others, these will increase your ability to see the beauty that many are forgetting about. The only way we can shake the monumental falsehood that is physical perfection is by reassessing it's necessity and definition. Open your eyes. Notice color and life again. Because it is so much better and bigger and exciting than anything we can imagine. It's more difficult. But it's worth it.