Saturday, December 7, 2013

About Boobs {Sorry, Gents.}

I love this. I've honestly had such an inconsistent chest size throughout my life due to varying levels of athleticism, health issues, and medical diet changes. I went from being almost a D at age nineteen to just barely finding out a week ago that I'm back to being an A at twenty one. I also realized that I'm perfectly okay with it. So many of my girl friends have acted like someone has died whenever it gets brought up. Like I'm mourning my full chest. But I've realized that I really don't mind. I think I even prefer being flat chested at the moment just because I have an aversion to what I refer to as "The Big-Girl Bra," (basically anything with an underwire or padding.) I prefer comfort. There are pros and cons to either end of the spectrum, so I might as well love the pros I've got while I have them. I think that we as women so easily forget our own beauty comes from our individuality, particularly when faced with the media's portrayal of "idealism." So thank you, Ellen Clifford, for your honest, tasteful, and good humored post. :)