Sunday, July 22, 2012

How Lucky I Am

You are the one thing that I believe I would be perfectly okay to fall endlessly into. 
I Trust You 
more than I trust myself and 
I Love You
more than I quite know how.
I am cognitively aware of the fact that I am frequently wrong and generally hold great potential to cause a mess. However, this makes me realize that, although I am not always as put together and polished as I would like myself to be, 
you have never failed to hold me together and love me, seeing through my walls to the person you know I can & am working to be. 
I Want so much 
to be the same to you. 
You are my very best friend.
Thank You 
For Being a never ending supply 
of the Thing I Need Most in this world. 

Not everyone understands our relationship, and you know what, they don't need to. 
It's ours for a reason. 
And, oh, I am glad.
So glad.
For everything.

{The Little Things}

*Being the biggest dorks around and not caring at all
*Sushi at Hibachi on weekdays between two and five
*Watching Doctor Who episodes together all afternoon
*Making REALLY good food from scratch and enjoying it
*Rocking our classy vintage attire simply because we can
*Taking me to see the Ririe Woodbury Dance performance
*Those moments where we're ridiculous and laugh about us

{The Big Things}

*That moment on your birthday one year ago
[You know which one I'm talking about]
*The fact that I trust you more than anyone in the world
*The fact that you taught me to trust again
*The way we took our relationship seriously in a mature way
*The way you have stuck with me despite my seizures.
[I know {I KNOW} That is absolutely not easy
for you at all. You are the best man I know and I
cannot say that I know anyone else who would
absolutely do the same thing for me. That is just one
way that you have shown me and continue to show
me every day that you honestly do love and care for me
*That you can admit when you're wrong and have the ability
to laugh about it with me when I am.
*That you tell me I'm beautiful on days when I haven't quite
showered just yet and am one big, sloppy, mess of a girl.
*When we're realizing that something about our relationship
isn't perfect (no one's is) and we sit and talk about it, which
leads to us sitting and talking about anything and everything.
Which generally leads to us sitting and laughing about everything.

Vous avez mon coeur.

La Histoire

For reasons entirely my own I greatly desire a vintage rampage. I just love it. So much. Can someone please give me a hand here? Cause I may need some extra sanity in order to preserve my own. I just...nngah. I want to have my own house with rooms that I can fill with interesting and beautiful antiques and things I have made. I always want everything to have a story. I can't help but feel that perhaps everything should. Stories are so wonderful, and with everything now being manufactured in factories with shiny, new, freshly colored plastic I often feel that I am wanting more. Which is why I am so delighted to find something as wonderful as the book I happened to pick up yesterday, Won By Waiting by Edna Lyall. It was written and published in the late 1800's and was her first book. I have an original copy, not a re-print, but an original. A red, worn, cover with a symbol stamped into the front of it. Gorgeous. Or the framed newspaper from the 1800's, complete with a certificate of authenticity, proudly hanging on my wall over my treasured Underwood typewriter. Truthfully, I may have no money left should I keep this up.