Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Find Myself in Need of An Umbrella

It smells like rain. :)
I love it when it does that.
Looks like rain too.
I got my sandal clad feet wet in puddles on my way outside, and was perfectly okay with it.
Sometimes I just wish I could spend my entire life living in the spring.
I'm so much happier during the spring time. It's my very favorite season. Summer is nice and all, but spring time is just...beautiful. The beginning of it smells like hope and towards the end you're just happy it's here. Everything is turning from brown to green and it's like the world exhales all of the color it pulled back into hiding so as to provide an appropriate canvas for winter's white.
I am very ready to be immersed in a spring shower.
Bring on the rains.

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