Sunday, March 27, 2011

On a Brighter Note...

I have so much to be thankful for. :)
It is true.
I am astonished by all that I have been given, the people I am lucky enough to know and love, and the times I am gifted with experiencing. Sometimes I have to stand up for myself, yes, but usually I can slip under the world's radar and live my own little life. I'm grateful for that. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Matters of Steady Rotation and an Axis

Today feels like a premonition. A forewarning of something. It seems I am surrounded by a bubble of happiness and warmth. Despite this, In the distance I see snow wrapped mountains locked in icy filigree, promising cutting winds of the sort that would numb from everything other than their presence. A sight impressing upon me that the cold and storms are slowly surging back in. Biding their time. Waiting for a more fragile version of myself to show forth. One I kept dormant and safe through the frozen winter. Waiting until I've become accustomed to my warm and happy bubble, so that when they do hit they hit me where it will hurt the most. And they hit hard.
Perhaps it is something else entirely, though. Is it that spring decided to start here, spilling outward in a splash of sunshine and I am now sitting at the centermost point on the growing radius that is summer's predecessor? Perhaps what at first glance seems to be the claws of winter crawling towards me is, in actuality, the tail of it's retreat? Could more frigid temperatures be slowly melting upward out of the valleys, towards the peaks, and back into their hollows and caverns? Frost's hibernation period has begun, now it's our turn to revel in the sunlight and open air. Time to take hold of something brighter and softer and let ourselves grow. Step forward, shake off lethargy, and unwind, displaying deeper, fuller color. Here comes the sun.