Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Arthur and I

Ohhh myyyy gossshhhhhh.
{This is that moment where I throw myself back onto the bed with one arm over my eyes and the other hanging halfway off into the open space that meets with the edge of the mattress.}
I need to get out more.

Lately, I have spent wayyyy too much time inside.
But it's difficult to go places when you aren't {technically} allowed to drive and you are nervous to run or walk anywhere alone {just in case you happen to have a seizure on the way.}

I should just be rich and hire a butler to do my driving for me.

His name will probably be Arthur, and he'll be incredibly british. So British, in fact, that he won't be able to understand me unless I also speak in a British accent. We'll drive all over the place. My car is black, so I am pretty positive I don't need a paint job. Maybe tinted windows though. Just to fit the profile.
I'll probably need to stop wearing sweats everywhere. Because I'm sure that Arthur will wear a suit when we're out and about. Pearls are always a nice touch. I love pearls. That settles it. I'll just have to sport pearls. As well as sunglasses and a nice lipstick. Not necessarily red though. I'm fond of a good nude to peach tone. Maybe a bit of a brownish tint. And we'll go to art museums. I'll be curious and studious and always bring my sketch book along to draw in and document my musings. I bet I'll probably need a pair of nice gloves. Short ones, appropriate for daywear, to hide the grey evidence that tends to stain along the side of my right pinky and knuckles as well as my fingertips when I draw. Arthur will probably be rather strict concerning my new hypoglycemic dietary restrictions. He'll not be rude about it though. He's got that British class. The kind that makes you listen to what he says, even if you don't want to. We shall have to stop what we're doing at around three for tea time scheduled to happen nearly every day at precisely three fifteen. Arthur will be very well read, and we will discuss Shakespeare, Aristotle, Plato, Miss Austin, and various historic texts. Sometimes Arthur will sit in his spectacles and read whatever suits his fancy while waiting for me to finish up a painting in the park. Then he will chauffeur a particular young man and myself to a play or an opera. Of course, we will invite him along on occasion. After all, Arthur isn't just a butler, he's one of the family. Though of course, he has his own agenda at times. I'm pretty sure he moonlights as a member of Scotland Yard and works with the FBI on international cases. He's a bit of a hero that way....
Yes. I should definitely get a butler.

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