Thursday, March 28, 2013

Horticulture and the Beast

In which the Beast will be portrayed by myself

And the horticulture speaks for itself.

Now, I am fully aware that this is an entirely separate childhood tale, but if by some spot of fortune and a well placed kiss my little plant were to turn into prince charming...I probably wouldn't mind. Though I'm not sure if I would feel like his destined love or previous respit care-giver...These things take time though, I suppose?

So. As you have probably gathered from the title and following photos, my mother is introducing me to the lovely art of horticulture. I've always enjoyed plants, and have had several in the past, but I have decided to try my hand at it on a higher level. Hopefully it goes better than my attempt with an orchid did. :P In my defense, I did live in a basement apartment with very little sunlight...But enough excuses. Basically, I have now repented of my sins and am going to try to bring joy and nutrients to the green things of this world! (No more orchids for a while though.)

Meet Massimo (I'm one of those people who names everything. It's fine,) my new and already beloved Dischidia Pectinoides, or, if you prefer, the Kangaroo Pocket/Ant Plant.

Dischidia Pectinoides is a perennial vine that is (according to my loving yet strict mentor, Google) native to the Philippines. It's supposed to develop little reddish blooms that will come and go throughout the year (oh hooray! I do so love a good bloom.) I was told that the plant is able to take some of the nutrients it needs from the large escargot shell it's planted in. (By the way, that is one HUUUUGE shell...Wonder how much nosh one could make out of a snail that size.........Hmm...Gross?)

On a more interesting note, when grown in the wild the pod that develops (giving it the nickname Kangaroo Pocket) actually provides a nest for ants (hence the title Ant Plant.) The plant and the colony then develop a symbiotic relationship, with the pod providing a safe home and the ants supplying the carbon dioxide. Neat-o. That being said, it won't draw out all of your household and neighborhood ants and take them in. Otherwise, Massimo and my landlord might just encounter a conflict of interest, despite his meaning well. 

I have a feeling that if he ever dies or even wilts a bit under my care I will feel like a failed parent. Tears will be shed, as I am apparently turning into my mother and I cry over EVERYTHING. (And that isn't an exaggeration...Maybe it's an exaggeration. But I NEVER used to cry over anything. What have I become? {I already answered that; my mother. I have become my mother. Joy.}) I'm sure you'll hear if it if he ever passes...though with luck, he shan't. And I now have to go pee...meaning this post is finished...finito....the end....Adieu. 

(For Now)

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