Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day Number {Whichever Number We're On}

Today...I got to see two great friends, including my best friend, introduced someone to Roo Panes, whom I adore, accidentally caused an accident by waving at the driver (no one was hurt, no cars were broken...still felt terrible) aced a mid-term, dressed up fancy good reason, critiqued a dance, ate fish sticks, made tea because my throat hurt, drove to Manti with Ash to get something notarized, couldn't afford the pretty sparkly gold nail polish at Walmart (Yes, girly, girly, girly. I am aware) bid farewell to everyone as they left for the night, sat by myself listening to my music/shouting it to myself, dressed myself in...quite the get-up, photoboothed with me, snap-chatted the crap out of my friends (they'll live) cleaned my room, and I am now sitting on my bed, throat kills, kind of numb emotionally, but I'm watching Grimm...I shall need to find something new. Once I'm all caught up on this season...I won't know what to do with myself...Keeping me occupied has been a success so far...It's just exhausting.

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