Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Frozen Ballet

The nights are worse than the days are. And I think that perhaps if it were spring things wouldn't be quite so bad. I need to be able to run around without all of this heavy clothing weighing me down. Climb a cliff face, play in a lake and then sit in the grass. But without any green things turn a bit monotonous. I'm trying to fix it though. I wake up and smile for the first few minutes, just to jump start those stubborn endorphins. Even if I don't wake up perfectly happy, it's an attempt. Running. I need to go running again. Why oh why does it have to be so inconveniently cold. My asthma would love me so much if I were to waltz out into these temperatures and burst into sprinting like I do. No excuses though. I need to go, and that is that.
I skipped Italian yesterday. I always feel awful and guilty when I do that. But I actually am pretty sure we didn't have class. I simply didn't want to check and see for sure wether or not we did. And that counts as skipping, right? Ballet was good though. I love ballet. It's so calming and simple and people tell you exactly what to do, but you still have to work for it. 
Ballet is good. 
I have it again today. 
That's something to look forward to.


  1. I love ballet. I have it first thing in the morning and it always makes me feel so much better after class. :)