Monday, February 4, 2013

Sick to Death Styracosaurus {Without Health Insurance}

Dear Blog,

.....Today sucks. It is awful. And I want it to be over. And the next day. And the next. And the day after that one. And after that. And the next. Until....I don't know when. Someone fix me.
 I feel like this...

Something odd and out of place and about to become extinct, therefore, quite lonesome.
His whole family is probably dead or lost in the mess of the dying cretaceous period. 
This is it.
Minus the pretty outdoors and serene forest-y light.
Put the guy in a half frozen, slightly melty, crusty, muddy, too bright tundra and you'll be closer. The lights are probably the terrible florescent kind that flicker.
Even better, once he's there, surround him by cheery people and make him do paperwork. Or tell him to fix a printer that he doesn't even know how to operate.
With nail trimmers.
And have someone kindly check up on him every hour or so, to see if he's doing alright.
But he's not really the sort of dinosaur to let on that things in his life are a little bit crap.
He'll just keep it to himself and do his best to fix the fetching printer.
I hate printers.
And today.


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