Monday, May 21, 2012

To See, or Not to See?

I am learning to see the world differently. 
People aren't who I originally presume they are, and things aren't always what they seem.
Oh gosh, who am I kidding.
I really just need my contacts back. 
That's the bottom line.
I have been blind(ish) for nearly a week now and it's really been an event. Really. Thursday of last week I woke up with one eye swollen shut and the other less than open. I must say, I just managed to get into public and back out again with my mortal self intact. Then, of course, I couldn't really wear my contacts for a day or so, and after that I was a stellar student and managed to leave them at Sydney's. I always did get the gold star in school. To make matters worse, I cannot for the life of me find my store of contacts. I've had boxes of them for a while now, but they've been lost in the madness that is my room. And have you ever tried searching with all of your heart and soul for something you can only find by physically seeing when you really, in all reality, can't see? It's... difficult to say the least and infuriating, to be more accurate. My efforts were fruitless, I now have a bruise on my hip, and I remained blind. This made Church services on Sunday especially interesting. Whoever was on the stand had to be announced, otherwise I interpreted their shape, size, and hair color as the first person who's physical description could potentially meet the given criteria. The meeting was lovely. My childhood friend led the music, while grandma played the organ and Teddy Roosevelt conducted with opening and closing statements.
I really need to invest in a pair of glasses.

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