Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Disabling Safe

     I've been told all my life that my dreams are impractical. I can't afford them, they're not going to make me successful, I've started too late, I'm not able, and I won't be happy. I should realize that I need to be an adult and settle down. That the authorities are always right and that one day they'll domesticate me. If it's not something that generates mass amounts of revenue then it's not worth my time.

     But when has money ever made me laugh or dance or feel anything more than safe? And really, how important is safe? How healthy is safe? Did safe ever play with fire or feeling or flight? I don't think I want safe. I want a life. 

     I want to wake up in the morning and hit the ground running because I need to climb higher. I want my choices to propel me forward and to incite action. Just because I don't want safe doesn't mean I don't need to be sure. But I don't want being sure to be everything. Because the day I am content with only what I am sure of is the day I stop looking further. The day the sky loses potential and the ocean is simply its surface.

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