Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beyond Number

I love being in the mountains.
Or in any one of the wilder places still left in the world.
Especially at night, because it makes me feel so very, very big.

It was always strange to me that people felt small when looking at the stars.
I could understand why, I just didn't feel the same. Quite the opposite.
Because I knew that in one tiny pinprick of sky there were hundreds and millions of stars.
Beyond what I could physically see were other galaxies containing so much more than mine, or so physics says. They're so far away that it would take many human lifespans to reach even their edges. That's just in one tiny pinprick.

In one fallen and decomposing log are hundreds of lifeforms, all biologically complex and fascinating. Breaking things down and becoming something different. What people most often fail to realize about endings is that new life often comes into being through the skin of things since past. And in that lies the devastating beauty of existence. Such an amount of change requires tremendous effort though, and that takes many hours of work from millions of different sources. Everything you can see and feel and hear is teeming with the complexities that make up life. We haven't even discovered all of them and thinking about it has the ability to overwhelm.

I know this, and rather than it overwhelming me, it empowers me. I feel so BIG. Because of all of the many building blocks of life I am here, I am conscious, and I am going try to gain further comprehension. Humans are such wonderful, terrible, fascinating things. We want to be more. We want to see farther, to run faster, be better, last longer and climb higher. It's in our DNA. We reach out to each other consciously and fight for the rights of those lacking. Of course there are two sides to every coin, but that isn't the focus of this post. Still, I will acknowledge it. We are not perfected, but that is beautiful in and of itself. It leaves room for development and improvement.

Of everything that surrounds me I am here, now. And I am powerful. I can speak and write and think independently. I can move people using my words and move mountains using my hands. I am noteworthy and I am able to make a change. I initiate ripples that then have an effect on my surroundings. With knowing all of this, how can I feel small?

I feel infinite.

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