Sunday, July 22, 2012

La Histoire

For reasons entirely my own I greatly desire a vintage rampage. I just love it. So much. Can someone please give me a hand here? Cause I may need some extra sanity in order to preserve my own. I just...nngah. I want to have my own house with rooms that I can fill with interesting and beautiful antiques and things I have made. I always want everything to have a story. I can't help but feel that perhaps everything should. Stories are so wonderful, and with everything now being manufactured in factories with shiny, new, freshly colored plastic I often feel that I am wanting more. Which is why I am so delighted to find something as wonderful as the book I happened to pick up yesterday, Won By Waiting by Edna Lyall. It was written and published in the late 1800's and was her first book. I have an original copy, not a re-print, but an original. A red, worn, cover with a symbol stamped into the front of it. Gorgeous. Or the framed newspaper from the 1800's, complete with a certificate of authenticity, proudly hanging on my wall over my treasured Underwood typewriter. Truthfully, I may have no money left should I keep this up.

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