Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Daily Rant: Issue Number 1

Noisy, messy, immature, inconsiderate room mates. Let me simply confess, I shall never, ever miss them. I've only ever had one, yet still, I shall never, ever miss her. Ne'er, e'er, e'er. Alas, I am still caught between wether I shall be abandoning this place, moving far from her irritating dramas. Let it be known that I would greatly love to never have to live with her again. But. Let it also be known that I love my other room mate and would be sad to no longer be seeing her. I once thought that perhaps I would be staying here for a good amount of time...Now I don't know if I would want to. I just don't like living with people who aren't clean and considerate and think a pit bull to be a small dog, then bringing home a german shepherd/black lab mix without warning or permission. The contract specifies no pets allowed. Not that the fact that the contract that was signed had specific guidelines ever prevented her from bringing home alcohol. That'd be far too weird. I don't intend to be silently trodden on. I'm tolerant, not a push over.

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