Friday, October 26, 2012


This made me sob.
My heart just bleeds for him.
The humanity of Snape is one of the most beautifully portrayed essences of the journey that is Harry Potter. And that is quite a role to have played, as Harry Potter became something that defined an entire generation throughout the world. It's not just a phase we went through, it's a lesson we learned. Something that we incorporated into the period of time that reformed us as a people. It's a defining factor in a group of youth that will one day aid in the running and shaping of this world.

Through these books and movies, through this journey, I learned to believe in magic.
I was taught to have hope when all seemed lost. I know that those who have gone on never truly leave us, and that our friends can be our greatest strengths (or weaknesses) when our own strength is not enough. Not everyone is who they seem, and even the brightest and purest hero has a past. What makes them a hero is what they have chosen to do with the time they have left. The thing that truly matters is what we do with our future. Do not discard anyone, because they may just be the thing that holds us together and prepares us for our most difficult battle.
Love is the greatest gift.

On another note, long live Alan Rickman!


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