Friday, April 8, 2011

Band-Aids, Questions, and Moving Pictures

I feel like my mind is an old film strip that's moving too quickly. The pictures are there, and the story's being told. But it's going too fast for me to get a firm grasp of what is really going on....Is this real life? Or am I dreaming? Because I often wonder how I would be able to differentiate between one reality and another. What if everything is all just one big sham? If so then wouldn't my worries be a bit less akin to the high frequency whine of malfunctioning technology? I mean, it's there to help you, you know it is, but after a certain measure of time it becomes more of an irritant than a help...

................Topic change...{sort of}...Have you ever felt impressed to tell someone something because you desperately just....seem to think you should? And there have been so many moments where you could say it, but you just felt as though the timing wasn't right or maybe it was a bad idea altogether? And they notice that there's something to be said that you are not saying. Something you're biting the inner edges of your mouth together to hold in. But is that necessary? You want to tell them, and they would want you to...{you think}....But what if they didn't? And what if their reaction just made things more problematic? What if their reaction just ended up causing them more difficulty than anything. If that ends up being the case then you are to blame for it {Cheers.} Would it help if you waited? Is timing your deterrent a la moment? Or will waiting just make it worse? I find a frequent issue in deciding what matters should be dealt with in a manner similar to that of a band-aid, quick and mildly to significantly painful. Should you spit it out and hope that the fact that you told them right off the bat lets them know how much you care and trust them? Would that help things a little bit? Of course, then you risk having horrible timing and messing things up....Or should you wait a while? Hope that the issue fades at least a small amount, or that something will occur to aid in softening impact? In this case, however, you risk something quite the opposite coming about that makes it all even worse than it was initially.............

Yes, yes my mind is definitely moving at a quicker pace than my perception is able to fully comprehend.

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