Sunday, February 27, 2011

Experiencing Slight Turbulence

Today is one of those crawl-beneath-the-bed-and-pretend-not-to-be-in-the-room days. School tomorrow....bleeehhh. Gag me. Senioritus has a firm hold over my health. It is possible I shall never recover. In the event that it gets the better of me, I bequeath my possessions to those who need them most. By this I mean that I would dearly love for them to find their way to third world countries and commence enriching the lives of the inhabitants. I'm certain they won't be taken for granted there...Hmmm...My esteemed colleague Spring sent me an e-mail, it says winter has overstayed it's welcome and if it had any manners it would pack up and leave, taking it's biting winds, ice, and muddied sludge with it. I quite agree with this statement and fully endorse the movement.
On a different note, what in the world am I going to major in? I haven't the foggiest idea...well, maybe a foggy idea...or a smoggy one...{[HA! Smoggy.]}...Hum dee dum...This is really just a ranting, isn't it? I'm simply putting down whatever my brain comes up with. That, my friends, is called the blind leading the blind. My brain is a complete mystery to me. Which would probably be why I am appalled any time anyone says they understand me or where I'm coming from. I don't even understand these things myself...That's what I should major in. Myself. I would be the only expert in the world...
Huh, this seems to be getting slightly self-centered. I enjoy focusing on more external matters. Stonehenge for instance. Who put that there? And what were they thinking? I mean, sure, it's a nice way to get attention, but if you don't bother to give us a way of knowing who precisely is responsible then the credit all goes to anonymity. Leave a plaque or something next time. Although, if you do, the government might track you down and fine you for defacing public land. Maybe you should first purchase a small plot in the middle of what has potential to be, say...a housing development? A national park? A strip mall? Otherwise your idea is sort of like a light bulb of incorrect wattage. It could just make a mildly startling popping noise and go out. Or, in the even that you REALLY screw up and manage to trigger something else as you flip the switch, it could explode. Making a mess that may ultimately prove to be more painful than you had anticipated. That's life though. Everyone experiences some slight turbulence before they have something of Stonehenge proportions to their name. Once you get it right though, you really get it right. And that, my friends, that must look pretty impressive on a resume.

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  1. So... How did you figure out how to do this background, and where did you find it??